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Services Offered



    The Brain Fitness Center BFC offering a full range of individual neurophysiological and psychophysiological assessments of brain functions and provide individually designed neurofeedback sessions that include:




  • Interview to assess brain function based on behavior, learning, and emotions

  • A quantitative electroencephalograpy study (QEEG) of brain function

  • Review and interpretation of the EEG

  • Psychophysiological testing of attention, impulsivity, hyperactivity, and working memory (Event-related potentials recording and analysis)golf

  • Twice weekly office based neurofeedback training(this can be adjusted in according with individual condition)

  • Repeat psychophysiological testing every 20 sessions of training




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Attention! The number of neurofeedback sessions will be defined individually in according with psychophysiological assessment. On the average not less than 10-15 sessions, 2-3 times a week.



We provide services to corporate clients and sports organizations (Peak Performance training) in Finland, and organize training sessions in your country. For additional information, please


contact us in Finland: +358 40 5591439


We speak Russian, Finnish and English. The individual interpreting for other languages is possible


We assist in the organization of your visit, transfer and accommodation in Finland






In Tampere you will find a full range of activities for you and your children .




Combine your holiday with improvement of your health and quality of life!


Overloads at work,the manager syndrome, poor sleeping are influence your achievements and career growth

Neurofeedback will boost your potential at work, sport and learning.


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Neurofeedback :





Standard quantitative EEG alone (QEEG)

This charge covers the 19 sites EEG recording, examination and interpretation of the EEG, and the quantitative analysis of the digital EEG using the normative database.

Psychophysiological assessment for neurofeedback


This charge includes the administration and scoring of multiple standardized questionnaire measures of psychological functioning and computerized testing of attention, impulsivity, hyperactivity, and working memory (ERP registration and analysis). This charge includes also detailed interview examining the range of aspects of behavior, emotional responses, learning, sleep, and other dimensions of experience that are indicators for how to conduct neurofeedback for optimal results

Follow-up assessment using the same standardized instruments repeated after 20 neurofeedback sessions and is charged additionally.


Neurofeedback training session

This charge covers one in office session of neurofeedback training, consultation with trainees and parents as needed, and examination of training outcome checklists after every session.


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